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Drag to reorder Content


Posted by Cyber View Tech Support | Topic: CyberStudio CMS

19 June 2011

We are pleased to announce an enhancement to CyberStudio. You can now easily change the display order of Content Articles by simply clicking on the up/down arrow icon () and dragging the content article to the display order you desire, as shown below:

This new capability was made possible by a web-technology known as jQuery. Look out for more enhancements to CyberStudio as we integrate more capabilities from jQuery.

New Web Page Generator


Posted by Cyber View Tech Support | Topic: CyberStudio CMS

17 April 2011
CyberStudio (version 5) now can generate human-friendly web page addresses. For example:
We have already rolled out this new feature to most customers using CyberStudio version 5.

Interface Concept Sketch


Posted by Cyber View Tech Support | Topic: Creative

16 June 2010
We are currently planning the next version release of our content management system, CyberStudio. This will be version number 5. The current version (version 4) was released in June 2008. Below are concept sketches of the interface and layout for the new version release.

Interface Sketches for CyberStudio version 5

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