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World without Photoshop - by Adobe


Posted by Frank Garofalo | Topic: Creative

31 October 2010

Adobe MAX 2010 Keynote video

"Design of Future Things"


Posted by Frank Garofalo | Topic: Creative

23 October 2010
I had difficulty determining which topic to place this post since it spans several topics.

Recently I've been reading a book by Donald Norman called "The Design of Future Things." I'm not one to do much pleasure reading often, however I have found this book to be: insightful, entertaining, and informative.

On page 93 he discusses the interaction between humans and machines. Through the various interactions that occur between humans and machines, there are all sorts of indicators that machines have been designed to use to attempt to inform their user with some type of information. Now that last sentence may sound very vague - but think about it from beeps to buzzers, LED lights to digital displays - there are a variety of indicators. Norman refers to this in the book as the "human-machine social ecosystem." For example, on my Android phone the same LED light will illuminate green for a text message, voicemail message, and Gmail message. However that single LED light doesn't provide me with information to distinguish specifically what it is trying to bring to my attention - and honestly at times this is frustration. Norman expresses the point that with the design of devices today - some devices try to adapt to the user and on the flip side, the user usually has to adapt to the device. This can be a strong positive and a strong negative at times. To quote Norman, "Combining implicit communication with affordances is a powerful, very natural concept" (pg. 71). Norman goes on to suggest that a "symbiosis of machine and person" is a form of "human-machine interaction at it's best" (pg. 90).

So from a user experience perspective, how can devices and interfaces be designed to benefit the user. Norman shares details regarding how devices today are trying to adapt to a user's behavior pattern to predict what the user will want. The primary goal to achieve is to not cause an annoyance or dangerous situation for the user, but rather to support the user. Predict and give the user suggestions. The device can then adapt and become better at predicting the suggestions to give the user without completely automating the process by making a selection for the user. To support the user information provided, according to Norman, must be "voluntary, friendly, and cooperative" (pg. 130). I certainly agree with Norman especially when he describes the concept of "informate," which he defines as "impact of increased access to information afforded by automation" (pg. 133).

There is a challenge between making a device completely automated and making a device completely manually controlled. The middle ground, as Norman suggests, can be a very complex and potentially dangerous combination. However overall, devices and interfaces need to "provide a user with tools to work and live smarter" (pg. 128).

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User Interface for CyberStudio 5


Posted by Cyber View Tech Support | Topic: Creative

21 June 2010
We have released a graphic concept design for the user interface for release 5 of CyberStudio.

See the concept design on Flickr

Interface Concept Sketch


Posted by Cyber View Tech Support | Topic: Creative

16 June 2010
We are currently planning the next version release of our content management system, CyberStudio. This will be version number 5. The current version (version 4) was released in June 2008. Below are concept sketches of the interface and layout for the new version release.

Interface Sketches for CyberStudio version 5

Archive of Preloaders


Posted by Frank Garofalo | Topic: Creative

7 April 2010
Just found a site created by BigSpaceship as a tribute and a collaboration of the dieing art form of web "preloaders," called PrettyLoaded ( Back in the day of slower Internet connection speeds, preloaders were needed to keep a web visitor occupied will a multimedia application would load. Several were very boring, some were even downright confusing - not really sure how much was left to load - but we all were eager for the loader to reach 100% to then venture on to do what we desired with our visit to the site in the first place. PrettyLoaded is a collection of entertaining (and informative) preloaders that have been used over the years.

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