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Connect - Discover - Inspire


Posted by Frank Garofalo | Topic: Innovation

28 October 2010
Adobe MAX 2010 has come to an end (I already cannot wait for MAX 2011). The event truly holds up to its mission to "Connect. Discover. Inspire."

Looking forward, some of the technologies we will either start working on or continue working on, include:
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Flex
  • Adobe AIR
  • Adobe Creative Suite 5
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • Google TV
  • and more...

Cyber View at Adobe MAX 2010


Posted by Frank Garofalo | Topic: Innovation

23 October 2010
Cyber View is at Adobe MAX 2010!

The above picture is from a chalk drawing I created today on the MAX Community Chalkboard near the registration area.

Looking forward to the upcoming keynote sessions and breakout sessions - learning more about technology trends with Google Android, Google TV, multitouch, and other Adobe software - Flex, Flash, & Flash Catalyst.

Also, I found out that Adobe MAX 2011 will be October 1st - 5th 2011 in LA (again).

The Open Graph Protocol


Posted by Frank Garofalo | Topic: Innovation

13 July 2010
Open Graph Protocol (logo)The team at Facebook has created the Open Graph Protocol. Once implemented on a web page it becomes a rich object in a social graph. This can then be used, for example, to turn any web page into a Facebook fan page.

So what does this all mean? Facebook is providing another means of generating publicity for web pages. If a loyal patron to your organization visits your web site and clicks a Facebook "like" button (see my article about the Facebook Like Button for more details), the Open Graph Protocol will interact with the Facebook Like Button and will treat your web page as a Facebook Fan Page. This provides the opportunity to use your loyal patrons to help generate publicity through viral marketing. When that patron clicks the "Like" button it will then be displayed to all their friends that they like your organization's web site. This in turn can lead to their friends visiting your web site to explore the products and/or services your organization offers.

For more information about how the Open Graph Protocol can be implemented on your web site please contact us.

Accept credit cards on a smartphone?


Posted by Frank Garofalo | Topic: Innovation

13 May 2010
A company launched back in December 2009, named Square Inc. (, has figured out a means to let business owners accept credit card payments through their tablet devices (such as an Apple iPad) and smartphone devices (such as Apple iPhones, Android phones, and others). A small device they developed plugs into the headphone jack. Then with the Square software you can accept payments securely. The customer can even provide their signature by signing their name on the device with their finger, plus have a copy of the receipt e-mailed to them. The software further lets the customer specify a tip account, if appropriate. The transaction rates are very competitive and there are currently no set-up fees. This is a really neat device and a very impressive innovation.

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