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FTC Proposes Do Not Track Tool


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1 December 2010
Recently read an article titled "FTC Proposes Do Not Track Tool for Web Marketing" by Joelle Tessler, AP Technology Writer.

This tool would be similar to the concept of the "Do Not Call" registry that prohibits telemarketers from calling individuals. From a conceptual stand point the tool would restrict advertisers from tracking consumers' action on the Internet.

In the article the specific technology to be restricted wasn't described, however it seems that a prime candidate are HTTP cookies ( Those can be used to track a user's actions on the web for marketing purposes, although they can also be one method to create an adaptive system to tailor a web-based system to the user's specific needs. On a side note some other methods are session variables ( and storing data based upon a user's self-generated profile.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out. Several government agencies are drafting reports to provide their opinion & analysis on the topic. According to the article one such agency is the Office of Science Technology Policy which has "created a new group to develop broad principles on online privacy to guide legislative action and regulatory policy."

Here is a link to the article on ABC News:

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Small Business Saturday - Nov 27


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15 November 2010

Recently came across a fan page on Facebook for a promotion sponsored by American Express called, "Small Business Saturday - November 27th 2010." While we don't have an business, partnership or even financial connections to American Express, the promotion was intriguing. We definitely support the idea of promoting local, small businesses in your community. So on November 27th 2010 - go shop with a small business in your community or even through the Internet.

For more details, visit:

Selling Uniqueness in Advertising


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18 August 2010

I came across a recent on-line articles from the New York Times discussing advertisers reaching out to millions by using "uniqueness" in marketing campaigns. In the article, "It’s All About You, and Millions of Others" by Stuart Elliott (Published: August 16, 2010), Elliott describes a new advertising campaign by New Era in which "the mainstream is becoming a collection of niche streams is a campaign to be announced."

The author goes on to state that with the campaign "consumers will be urged to 'Start your own movement,' 'Raise your own game,' 'Blaze your own trail,' 'Create your own world,' 'Sing your own song' and 'Make your own grand entrance' just about everything except 'Be your own brand' and 'Grow your own vegetables.'" Most would agree that this aligns with the American spirit to be independent and bold.

So what does this mean for small businesses? Well Small Biz owners can perhaps try to combine the concept of going local while also going unique - in other words, trying to encourage consumers to purchase from local businesses while still portraying an edge of being unique.

People are looking for ways to express themselves. Another possibility, as the article suggests, would be for Small Biz owners to utilize social media such as YouTube and Flickr to allow their consumers to interact with the small business's brand and express themselves.

Read the Full NY Times article.

Be Careful Putting Advertising into Blog Posts


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13 June 2010
A June 11th New York Times article entitled, "Now in Blogs, Product Placement" by J. David Goodman, discusses some recent issues that have occurred regarding blogging and decentive marketing. Advertising, regardless of the medium, falls under the jurisdiction of the Federal Trade Commission.

To read the article, visit:

Going Green for Earth Day


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20 April 2010
Earth Day is this week on Thursday April 22nd so we've compiled a list of tips and resources for small businesses to go green in this digital age ( Sometimes "going green" can also save some green over the long term by reducing costs.

Send us a tweet @smallbizsaas to let us know what you are doing to "go green."

Comment Anonymously? Wait a sec...


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13 April 2010
Interesting article entitled "News Sites Rethink Anonymous Online Comments" by New York Times author Richard Perez-Pena, about allowing visitors to web sites of news organizations to post anonymous comments to articles. Now several news sites are reconsidering this concept. The Internet has had the "wild-west" mentality that it was a free-for-all allowing anyone to post comments, even outrageous comments, but times might be changing - and sooner than later.

Full Article:

Twitter has a new business model


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13 April 2010

Michael Learmonth of Advertising Age, published an article regarding Twitter's new business model involing "promoted tweets." The article also describes how Twitter is looking at other potential revenue streams, such as real-time indexing of tweets as well as professional twitter accounts that (which would provide services similar to CoTweet, now owned by ExactTarget).

However a side observation, if CoTweet is currently free (haven't heard if ExactTarget has plans to charge for the service) - will Twitter be able to charge for their version of what CoTweet is already doing with Twitter accounts and tweets? We shall see.

For the full story, visit:

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