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Import Residents by XML


Posted by Frank Garofalo | Topic: ResLife Portal

8 January 2012

We are pleased to announce a new feature that comes standard with the ResLife Portal system. Residential life administrators will now be able to add a list of their residents to the ResLife Portal through XML.

This new feature allows residential life administrators to export a list of residents for other systems they may use, modify the XML format, then import the XML into the ResLife Portal.

Program Proposals & Program Funding


Posted by ResLife Portal | Topic: ResLife Portal

12 January 2011
We are excited to announce 2 new modules for the ResLife Portal: Program Proposals module and the Program Funding Module. Both modules are currently available in a "beta" format.

The Program Proposals Module
When a residential life staff member is planning an event for their residents, the "Program Proposal" module allows them to submit their plan to their direct supervisor. Using the "Funding" module, the staff member will be able to see the funding they have available. The supervisor then has the ability to approve or return the proposal. If returned the staff member can then make changes and re-submit the proposal for review. If approved, the staff member automatically receives an e-mail notication. Once the event has occurred the staff member can forward the proposal as a Program Evaluation (which ties in with the "Program Evaluation" module).

The Program Funding Module
Set-up an initial financial budget for each residential life staff member. As staff members submit program proposals and/or program evaluations, they can specify the funding they anticipate using or actually used for the programs they provide to residents. The Program Funding Module will keep a running tally of their budget.

Feedback Forum by


Posted by ResLife Portal | Topic: ResLife Portal

2 November 2010
We have teamed up with to provide a "Feedback Forum." The goal of this forum is to provide a channel for users of ResLife Portal system to provide us with ideas, suggestions, and comments. We look forward to hearing from you regarding how we can improve the system to make your job in residential life easier.

To access the Feedback Forum there is now a tab along the left margin of the screen once you login to the ResLife Portal. Click the "Feedback" tab or visit:

ACUHO-I Membership


Posted by ResLife Portal | Topic: ResLife Portal

25 August 2010
ACUHO-IWe are excited to announce that Cyber View is now a Corporate Member of Association of College & University Housing Officers - International (ACUHO-I). Cyber View strategically decided to pursue membership with ACUHO-I for our residential life management system, the ResLife Portal ( We look forward to growing this new relationship.

Feedback on Portal


Posted by ResLife Portal | Topic: ResLife Portal

12 April 2010
The development team for the ResLife Portal is seeking feedback from our current user base. We value your input as we strive for continuous improvement of our system. Please send all feedback to

New Features for 2010-2011 School Year


Posted by ResLife Portal | Topic: ResLife Portal

7 April 2010

We just announced new features currently under development to be released for the 2010-2011 academic school year:

ResLife Portal SaaS v3.5
Status: Development
Description: Expand program development tools as well as tracking reports for resident behavior/incidents.

  • Program Proposals (add-on feature)
  • Program Funding (add-on feature)
  • Incident Report Tracking (add-on feature)
  • Student in Crisis (Behavioral Assessment) Tracking (add-on feature)
  • Roommate / Community Conflict Tracking (add-on feature)
  • Duty Log Tracking (add-on feature)
  • Staff Report Tracking (add-on feature)

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