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CyberStudio Optimized for an iPad


Posted by Cyber View Tech Support | Topic: CyberStudio CMS

10 February 2013

CyberStudio is now optimized for use on an iPad. The system will now fit on an iPad screen in both landscape (horizontal) use and portrait (vertical) use. Additionally, the ability to drag to reorder content articles works with the iPad touch screen (Articles Module Menu items and News Module items are also supported).

This follows the industry trend for "adaptive design" and "responsive design." When using CyberStudio with a portrait (vertical) orientation on an iPad, the menu of CyberStudio modules will collapse to a button. Pressing this button will hide/show the module list.

CyberStudio - Cloud Back-ups


Posted by Cyber View Tech Support | Topic: CyberStudio CMS

31 December 2012

We are pleased to announce a new premium service for our CyberStudio customers. All CyberStudio subscriptions are backed-up on an annual basis. Now we are pleased to offer "Cloud Back-ups" for those with business-critical information to have options for more frequent back-ups.

For more details, visit:

Also, for a New Years teaser... we are working on new security measures to be rolled-out in early 2013. These preventative measures will include: optional two-tier authentication, managing recognized devices, and recovery e-mail address. More details coming soon.

CyberStudio's new look


Posted by Cyber View Tech Support | Topic: CyberStudio CMS

11 December 2012
The first version of CyberStudio was released in May 2004. Since then the power and capabilities have grown and expanded to continually meet the needs of our customers.

Now entering into it's 9th year, CyberStudio has received a new interface and a new logo.

  • The CyberStudio logo (2004-2012)

  • The new CyberStudio logo (2012)

Drag to reorder Content


Posted by Cyber View Tech Support | Topic: CyberStudio CMS

19 June 2011

We are pleased to announce an enhancement to CyberStudio. You can now easily change the display order of Content Articles by simply clicking on the up/down arrow icon () and dragging the content article to the display order you desire, as shown below:

This new capability was made possible by a web-technology known as jQuery. Look out for more enhancements to CyberStudio as we integrate more capabilities from jQuery.

New Web Page Generator


Posted by Cyber View Tech Support | Topic: CyberStudio CMS

17 April 2011
CyberStudio (version 5) now can generate human-friendly web page addresses. For example:
We have already rolled out this new feature to most customers using CyberStudio version 5.

Advanced Security Protocols for CyberStudio 5


Posted by Cyber View Tech Support | Topic: CyberStudio CMS

31 January 2011
CyberStudio CMS version 5 now has new security protocols implemented. These include:
  • Industry-standard encryption for the content management system using Secure-Sockets-Layer (SSL) technology
  • Additional file permissions for our FileManager Module
As hackers become more advanced with spreading malicious viruses and files across the Internet, we are continuing to strive to provide solutions to prevent malicious attacks.

CyberStudio Now Supports Multiple Accounts


Posted by Cyber View Tech Support | Topic: CyberStudio CMS

29 January 2011
We are excited to announce that CyberStudio now supports multiple accounts. In other words, a single user account for the content management system can now be linked to multiple web sites using CyberStudio.

CyberStudio 5 - A Predictive System


Posted by Frank Garofalo | Topic: CyberStudio CMS

23 October 2010

First an update on CyberStudio version 5... There are a few customers using a pre-release version of CyberStudio 5 and so far the reviews have been positive. Only a few minor bugs have been experienced with the current modules in CyberStudio 5, which have been quickly resolved in less than 24 hours. Work is underway to finish CyberStudio 5 to continue to roll out the new version to all Cyber View customers currently using CyberStudio - one of the benefits of a CyberStudio yearly license, as we release new versions our customers are automatically updated.

Now in the title of the post I mentioned "A Predictive System" - so to explain this... one of the goals with CyberStudio 5 is to allow our users to be more efficient with their time when using CyberStudio. To accomplish this options have been built in to the system to predict what the user will want to do next after completing an action. For example:

In the "Articles Module" once a user adds a new web page within the system, they will automatically be prompted if they want to add a menu link to this new page or to start adding content for the new page. If the user selects to add a menu link, the newly created page is automatically populated with all the information. Once the link has been added, the system will prompt the user if they want to start adding content to the site - selecting this option will take the user directly to the add content page.

With these new prompts, there are fewer mouse clicks for a user to quickly add a page, create a menu link to the page, then start adding content to the page. Similar predictive prompts will be included in other modules throughout CyberStudio 5 where appropriate.

CyberStudio CMS v5 New Features


Posted by Cyber View Tech Support | Topic: CyberStudio CMS

12 August 2010
We our excited to share with you an update regarding the upcoming release of CyberStudio CMS version 5. Below is a sneak peak, including some features that have been requested by several customers:

  • Status Indicators
    • Now you will be able to modify the status of Pages, Content Articles and Menu Links by setting the status to either "Active" or "Inactive." This gives you greater power to hide content, for example, by setting the content article to "inactive" without having to completely delete the content article.
  • Switch Pages and Content Articles
    • Need to move a Page to a different Directory? or move a Content Article to a different Page? Now you can easily "switch," for example, either a Content Article to a different Page with just a few simple clicks.
  • File Management
    • One of the most requested features since CyberStudio first debuted. We are pleased to announce the ability to upload documents and images to the new File Manager module (which will replace the former Image Gallery module). You will now be able to upload and manage files, such as Adobe PDFs, Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Publisher documents, and more.
  • Page Updates and Menu Link Updates
    • Now if you update the title of a Page, CyberStudio will check to see if a Menu Link is associated to that Page and ask you if you want to have the Menu Link updated.
  • "Module Tips"
    • Throughout CyberStudio a section of the interface has been designated to offer tips and suggestions. We hope this will assist you in using the features of CyberStudio to their fullest extent.
  • Studio Community
    • In an effort to allow users of CyberStudio share best practices with each other, we will be listing all the companies and organizations using CyberStudio to all the users. This is an initial phase which more resources planned for late 2010 / early 2011. If you organization does not want to be listed, please let us know.
  • Social Media Networks
    • To aide in disseminating information about updates of CyberStudio, the system is now integrated with Facebook and Twitter. Connect with us on those two popular social media networks to stay updated.
  • New Interface and Security
    • To top it all off, we have decided to introduce a new stylish interface for the system. Also there have been several changes to the security protocol of the system. This may initially require a password reset for each user of CyberStudio, but long term this modification will allow for new features planned for late 2010 / early 2011.
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive more updates about CyberStudio version 5 as we become closer to releasing the new system.

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